Marco Valente Design (MVD) is an innovative and unconventional jewelry project, strongly desired and directly conceived by Marco Valente, who is a unique and cutting-edge stylist, always looking for innovation and a modern approach but at the same time attentive to the millenary tradition and culture of the jewel.


Marco Valente is the “friend designer” with a mission to “live together” with his clients by accompanying them every day with the pleasure of wearing non-invasive jewels, not obscuring any personality, whilst at the same time emphasizing and enhancing it.


Accordingly, the prerogative of a strong creativity leads the way to a more gentle and traditional style, relying on a deep patrimony of knowledge and experience in the diamond world.



The origins of Marco Valente Maison date back to 1953 and its history has already crossed two generations, always maintaining its prerogatives of originality, quality and attention to details.


The story of the stylist has always been focused on creativity and manufacturing expertise.


Encouraged and initially assisted by his father and influenced by his passion for art and travel, Marco Valente begins his activity experimenting his creative genius which has led to producing collections for the most prestigious Italian and international jewelers and brands.


Currently his creativity takes inspiration specifically from his personal essential and sober taste for high quality products, from his living and working in Milano, which is the cradle of fashion industry, from his family environment and stimulations, from the careful observation of the dynamics and evolutions of tastes and preferences in the market.


This fine sensitivity has been the key factor of a long-term presence and success in the jewelry business.



Being a profound expert of the world of gems and based on a long and consolidated experience, Marco Valente personally and accurately selects the precious stones that are used for the creation of his collections.


All jewels proposed are characterized by an obsessive care in the research of raw materials and of the manufacturing process, which takes rigorously place in Italian laboratories, to preserve and rely on the goldsmith and jewelry excellence tradition of the Made in Italy.


One of Marco Valente’s biggest objectives is the extreme culture and attention to quality of products, by always working at the maximum standards, which in turn produces top level jewels in terms of components and manufacture.



Our offices and laboratories are located in the heart of the diamond district in Milano and our organization is composed by a top professional group of managers and team with a wide and deep knowledge and experience in the jewelry business.


Our factories and service partners network has been selected among the oldest and most reliable jewelry manufacturers in Italy, located in Valenza, district of excellence in production worldwide recognized.



The style of the collection is sober, clean and essential. Shapes are very soft, with extreme attention to fit and comfort. Marco Valente Design jewels have an ideal weight, not excessively light, to give the object a consistency and strength that allows a long-term durability and life.


The combination of a very studied design, excellent quality of stones and cut, top manufacturing level gives to the jewel a preciousness degree worthy of the most renowned international brands.


“Design must always keep the jewel at the center of attention and exalt its preciousness and uniqueness; never design must prevail over the jewel itself”.